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about me & my work…

In 2012 I finished a five-year apprenticeship, during which I learned to create and design talismans, amulets and magical tools. Until now, with my help have benefited hundreds of people. This is my greatest reward.

I’m 35 years old. I’ve learned to create magic tools for eighteen years in my shamanic practice.

I had a very requires teacher – it was the Spirit-Of-The-Raven…

The-Oldman-With-Thorn-In-Leg taught me the Art of Healing by the Tree…

When I left homeland in 2011, I decided to finally upload the gallery in which I will be able to present effects of their work.

Here it is.

Welcome to my workshop & studio!

Nes W. Kruk

Theory and teaching

In addition to practice I publish articles about shamanism, magic and runes. To read my articles click:

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Agnisoma, Taraka, KruczySen

translated by google:

Agnisoma, Taraka, KruczySen