This is my work – creation the tools of magic


Flute – magic tool

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Nowa Pipe

Second Pipe Sister…

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Matuzalema Pipe

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The first of the Pipe Sisters, Matuzalema, honored me with their presence. It’s strange, because surpassed the highest of the Sisters … She has two spirals on the sides that connect the front…

Squirrel Pipes

From this place comes…



Thurs Stone

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This is the second stone of the two that came back with me from a journey. The first turned into a Family-In-Stone. The second decided to awaken the primordial forces of Thurs.
This is the kind of key. It will have a few holes. One already is – the eye inside the rune Thurs. All secret of use this key I will tell futer steward.

Today I censed a stone in my special blend of herbs…

Work in Progress…

Amulet “Bison Mirror”

This is one of the most interesting talismans, which came to my work. It was made from mirror that belonged to a man who had died last year. This man was a alpinist and her bed was decorated with a large mirror in a frame. One night he slept in another room not as usual. The mirror was broken. Cuts the mirror has been transferred to the person who brought them to the ceremony, which I drove during the spring equinox. Several pieces have been buried in the forest where bison herd came. I collected 3 pieces to make them amulets, according to the guidance of spirits. One piece was sent to a psychologist, the second to the film director, the third was with me, probably waiting for its next owner. I made a pendant for his wood piece fitted to the shape of the mirror. under the mirror is the hair of the bison fur.

Amulet strengthens and protects the owner from attacks and evil energy. It can be worn on the neck, hang in the room that wants to protect or insert in bigger fetish.


I found this rock while traveling through one of the wooded area near Bristol. On the journey back with me two limestone rocks. One of them decided to become a family talisman.
Talisman has already 4 engraved runes to help home and family from the financial side (Fehu), health (Uruz) and bring happiness and joy natural (Wunjo).
Currently talisman passes water baptism. Probably will be enriched with stand of the tree.

Purpose / use: family altar, strengthening the family circle

Hadaka 11-08-11

11-08-11, Thurs-day

Project snake pendant with example inscription

Project snake pendant in the shape with example inscription


Magpie Dreamcatcher…